The Ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for your dog

The Ultimate list of Christmas  gift ideas for your dog

This post contains affiliate links and I make a commission on certain purchases at no extra cost to you. Hey you crazy dog parent! If you clicked on this article, you're my kind of human! Let's spoil those fur babes!! My dogs are my whole heart. They are the little, shedding crazies who loves me [...]

4 reasons busy moms need an Instant Pot

Instant pots are the best kitchen appliance ever made. In this post I'm going to give you 4 reasons why you need to purchase one, because believe me, you need one! This post will contain affiliate links. I earn a small commission if things are purchased through my links, at no extra charge or cost [...]

A day (or 4) in Salem, Ma

"It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus" Happy Halloween! I couldn't think of a better place or subject to discuss on Halloween than Salem. Famous for the Salem Witch trials, as well as being the setting for one of my favorite movies, Hocus Pocus, Salem is a must visit place for everyone. My sister-in-law and [...]

Pumpkin peanut butter dog treats

''Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house....... Dogs were running wild because we have freakin' German shorthaired pointers. *recipe at the bottom if you want to skip through to it* Aren't they just so cute though?! Ugh! Anyway.....I love my dogs. If you have a dog and are reading this post, I'm [...]

The freedom trail, Boston, Massachusetts

The freedom trail, Boston, Massachusetts

Okay, so let me just start this by saying that I did not think I'd like the freedom trail, but I LOVED it. Loved it so much, and had such a great time walking around Boston, that this is my first blog post about my Salem/Boston, Massachusetts trip. We stayed at an air b&b in [...]

Crack Chicken Pasta

Ahhhhhhh chicken. I love chicken. Fried chicken, BBQ chicken, chicken noodle soup, chicken tetrazzini, chicken pot pie, which should NEVER be confused with chicken pie. But we'll discuss that another day. Anyway, you get. I love me some chicken and this dish I'm about to share is no different CRACK. CHICKEN. PASTA. Yum. So let [...]

Why I’m still daydreaming over Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast

Why I’m still daydreaming over Jeannie’s Great Maine Breakfast

So, when you see a restaurant boasting "great", "best", "award-winning", etc., you expect excellence from the moment you walk in the door. When I decided we needed to try Jeannie's Great Maine Breakfast, I expected excellence, and lemme tell ya, it did NOT disappoint. It's so cute! I walked through the front doors and gave [...]